Guaranteeing the Success of Your Byeuni Page

Like 18,000,000 people in America each year, you are enrolled in college. It is an amazing achievement that doesn’t get enough recognition. What is getting more attention though is the cost of graduating from college. Loans, licensing and board exams, moving expenses are just a few of the urgent monetary needs of grads.

The success of your Byeuni campaign lies in your hands. Scary, isn’t? Sure, but it’s also exhilarating. With your hands on all the controls, you control your destiny. 

With our high engagnement site, careful planning, and megaphone-like marketing, you can inspire friends, family and others, and raise the funds you need to bring your future to fruition. You’ve got this.

Why collect all your gifts in one place? Because people love you and are proud of you. They want to participate in this transformational event in your life. They want to give you gifts. Americans spent $5.2 billion in 2019 on graduation gifts. Most graduation gifts are cash. is a website designed for graduates to get the most gift money from the most people for their graduation. But even more, they can learn about you, your challenges and achievements, and contribute to your success easily and efficiently.

A Successful Byeuni campaign has these elements:

A compelling personal story of your triumph.

Lots of photos and video of you and your school experience

Interaction between you and the people you have invited to your Byeuni

Lots of updates – give people reasons to come back to your page (and give you another gift)

Setting up your withdrawals with Stripe Merchant Account so you can collect your cash gifts.

Sharing by inviting contacts from your address book and on your social media.

How Long Will Your Campaign Be? What is the optimal length of time for your campaign to be successful? It’s important to find a balance. Too long and you exhaust your followers (and yourself) and decrease your chances of success; too short and you might be cutting off opportunities for engagement with potential backers. According to insights, the optimal campaign length is 45-90 days. Whatever length works best for your audience and your business, make sure to plan strong campaign bookends — 42% of funds are raised in the first and last three days of a campaign. Give yourself a timeline that allows for a realistic execution of your idea. Demarcate important phases, communication frequency (crowdfunding campaigns raise 126% more when owners update supporters), and desired campaign milestones.

Stay in Contact and update, update, update.

While you run your campaign, you can’t neglect the king of your website: content. Continue to furnish your site with blog posts, articles, and useful information so that audiences have a reason to keep engaging with you after the campaign ends. If your site contains a wealth of valuable content, there’s a better chance of visitors sticking around, interacting, and joining your loyal band of followers (surely, they’re going to be your number one fans — foam fingers, anyone?) Don’t forget your added contacts will receive notifications that your Byeuni page has been updated – prompting them to come back to your page.

Stay Social. Keep the momentum going by linking to your social media accounts on your site, so that audiences can engage with you in multiple ways. This also provides them with other avenues to receive campaign updates and share links (meaning: mo’ eyes = mo’ money!)

Add Team Members! Super important! You can propel your success in those first days of your campaign, a push that can carry you through to fulfilling your goal if you’ve built and prepared an engaging page following your launch. Spend the necessary time uploading your contacts so they can come on board early. It’s proven convert into gifts, so make garnering an essential part of preparing your Byeuni. The small investment of time you spend building a Byeuni page and uploading contacts will be rewarded with increased success down the road.

Upload a Video. The numbers don’t lie: campaigns with personal videos do a whole lot better than those that don’t. Like 100% more gifts. It’s hard to argue with that. An emotionally-resonant video will prove an asset to your campaign and provides essential information to potential gift givers: who you are,, and why they should support you (or, the what and why).

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