How Byeuni Works

Check out this video! is a unique place to create a one stop stop for organizing the celebration of your graduation. You design your free multi-media Byeuni which you control. Tell your story, upload pictures and video, invite guests, team members, make announcements, COLLECT CASH GIFTS*, send e-thank you cards, get messages, chat with your guests, You can update and change it anytime.  You are in charge.  The only thing we require is that you set up a STRIPE MERCHANT account to collect your cash gifts.


  • Register for your gift page 
  • Set your gift goal and timeline
  • Tell your story, add  pictures and video
  • Set up your Stripe Merchant Account

2   PUBLICIZE: Share with everyone!

  • Upload your contacts and invite them directly with SMS messages and emails. 
  • Send text messages
  • Share on social media

3 COLLECT  Manage gifts

  • Accept gifts through your Stripe Merchant Account
  • Thank your guests with e-cards
  • Withdraw funds automatically within a few days from Stripe.
*We NEVER see or ask for your bank or credit card numbers directly, everything is done via the Stripe Merchant Account. We use the highest standard of privacy and security in collecting and transferring these gifts to you. Our Data Security standards as set by PCI Security and Compliance Standards are met and exceeded including use of OTP’s, PINs, encryption, firewalls, etc. ALL processing information is kept by our third party processors, Plaid for verification of bank accounts, and Stripe for merchant processing. Please see their websites to find more about them at

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