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  • EASY SETUP OF YOUR FREE interactive, personalized page with your  journey, pictures, and videos. Update with new projects and needs every semester!
  • INVITE your guests to your gift page easily from your contacts, csv, or manually. They can leave you messages and you can chat with them, make group announcements, all from one place.
  • COLLECT and keep track of all your cash gifts in one place. As low as 0% platform fees for you.* 
  • Send and receive FREE ECARDS 

Raise $$ for Your

Moving and Housing Expenses
Tuition & Loans
Books and Materials
Licensing Boards and Exams

*Your fee will never be more than 2.5% of the gifts you collect on Byeuni.  Your donors will also pay 2.5% and have the option to cover your share, which most of them will do. So, for example, for every $100 you raise, your total platform fee will most likely be 0, and never be more than $2.50. The payment processor has a separate fee.

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