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It’s Easy to Organize Your Graduation Celebration!

  • Design your free interactive, personalized page with your  story, pictures, and videos. Update your page any time.
  • Invite your guests to your gift page easily from your contacts, csv or manually. They can leave you messages and you can chat with them – make group announcements, organize parties and meeting places – all from one place.
  • Collect and keep track of all your cash gifts in one place. As low as 0% platform fee for you and no transaction fees for you.*
  • Get instant updates when you download our free app!
  • Send and receive eCards.
  • Withdraw your funds at any time.
*Our total platform fee is 5% . Half, (and transaction fees) are covered by your donors. Your donors will also have the option to cover your part of the platform fee, which most of them will do. For ones that don’t, the additional 2.5% fee will be deducted at withdrawal. So, for example, for every $100 you raise, your total platform fee will never be more than $2.50, and you get so much more  with Byeuni than any basic crowdfunding site!

You Worked Hard! Raise $$ for Your

Medical Boards
Expenses & Loans
Bar Exam & Prep
Licensing Exams

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